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Bass Attacker is moving to the 1% of the lure market. 99% of most lures for sale for the most part are ok lures. Only the 1% of the lure market goes the extra mile to make the best they can. Here is what's going on with Bass Attacker jigs and lures. We have sold a major part of our business. We will how ever still produce a few custom jigs, blade jigs and plastics. We have another company that will join with us as Pro Circuit lures. Together we are one company that can serve our old and new customers. With great products and even better customer service. At Bass Attacker it's not just on! We build championships with each lure we make.

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Tip Of The Month
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February 2015 - February for the Southern States can be a great time to land the fish of a life time. Depending on water temperature bass are in several waves of transition . Top baits are jerk baits , rattle traps , umbrella rigs , blade jigs and jigs. Look for water that is warming up and the bass will not be far behind. The best time of day should be from noon till dark . Give these baits a try. God bless and tight lines.


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