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WELCOME TO BASS ATTACKER LURES. Where CUSTOM BAITS are our specialty. And quality is the bottom line. That's because we don't cut corners in the material nor the time it takes to insure that every one of our baits is wrapped with the same dedication and passion that started our company. From the beginning, we set out to make baits that were not only better then the competition but unique in everyway. So when you tie on one of our custom baits, you're not throwing the same old thing that has been dragged in front of their noses thousands of times. That's not how we do things here. And that's why with Bass Attacker Lures, IT'S ON!

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Tip Of The Month
brought to you by  Bass Attacker Lures 

July for most of the country puts fish into a summer time pattern. Typical periods to fish are early and late in the evening and night time for southern anglers. Off shore anglers should throw the following. Deep crank baits , spoons , big worms and football jigs. Take the time to hit your targets with the following baits until you get the school to fire up. Once they do. Still rotate your lures until the school stops feeding. If you fish a area and after 15 to 20 min. you don't get a bite . Leave it and rotate back to it through out the day until they start to feed. For you shallow anglers make the best out of low light . When the sun comes up shade is your friend. Work area's slow with precise cast. Best bait's to throw . Top water , shallow cranking and plastics to pitch with. Key food for shallow bass are minnows/shad , bluegill and craw fish. For you night time anglers the period just after dark to midnight is your best chance to get into the best schools of fish. From around 5am to first light is the next best time to take advantage of large schools of feeding fish. Night baits include large spinner baits, buzz baits , large worms and jigs. Fish the same spots you are  familiar with  during daylight hours . Do this for safety concerns and as well as for confidence. Hope our tips help you out. Tight lines Team Bass Attacker.


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